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Our Story

Artcrafts Engraving has been providing printing plates for the graphic arts and printing industry since 1913. We continue to provide magnesium engravings, photopolymer flexographic plates, and letterpress plates.

Artcrafts was one of the first to make photopolymer (flexographic) printing plates, starting in 1975. Our water washout system provides excellent plates without the hazards and environmental problems of plates that are washed out with solvent.

We continue to serve the graphic arts community with long-time customers in many states.

Elaine and Bill Guenther with their Reliance letterpress


ArtCrafts Engraving Co.

224 1/2 S 8th St.

St. Joseph, MO 64501

816. 364.4444



Located in St. Joseph, MO
Home of the Pony Express

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