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With over 100 years of letterpress platemaking, we have accumulated a lot of experience. The first cuts were in copper and zinc, exposed by carbon arc lights or even the sunlight. Things like “dragon’s blood” and “bites” were common terms. Color separation with filters and masks were used. Soon there was electroplating, photography and art preparation. With powderless  etching it became much easier. One thing hasn’t changed. We learn what our customers need and when they need it. Our 100+ years shows that we have learned that very well.

Today we have a full range of magnesium dies for foil stamping, embossing, halftone and line etching, rubber stamp masters, sand templates and custom applications.

Our flexographic plates are used by sack and bag printers, those who need a plate with an elastometric surface, for printing on a rotary press. We advise and handle needed distortion for a perfectly printed product.

Presently we make the following printing plates:

Magnesium plates

.250    (1/4”)
.153    (11 point)
.064    (16 gauge)
Maximum size – 18×24

Type-high wood mounted engravings – thickness guaranteed.

Photopolymer (flexographic) plates

Maximum size – 24×36

Our water washout polymer produces higher quality and no toxic chemicals.

Hard Plastic – letterpress plates

.038  plastic base
.038 metal base
.060 metal base

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